mercredi 30 avril 2008

Sharings ...

Last weeks assignements of OER course concerned sharings :
  • pictures first
  • audio then
  • videos at last
I am afraid I didn't achieve all of them. But why ?
The classical first answer is "I have so much to do". That's ture of course and last weeks were really tensed. But, of course, that's a wrong answer. It just mean that current assignements where not on my top priorities.

Let's have some guesses concerning why it was not top priorities.

Firstly, it is always hard to keep motivated through a long lasting course or project, and it is particularly true online where jumping from a point of interest to another is a rule.
Secondly, to my point of view, those assignements are not really great challenges. Something is missing to give sufficient interest to this. Maybe, I should have given myself an additional constraint, but motivation was missing.
Thirdly, an impression of repetition in all those assignements.
And last, but not least, collaboration is missing, but this last point is hard to attain in such course.

Reading all this, I think this is a kind of first evaluation. But, it doesn't reflect my point of view concerning OER course. This was a great idea, and this is still.
Some of the participant tried to develop links between us and maybe can we find some continuation.
I just think, at this time, that the problem is a problem of rhythm.

More on evaluation and feedback is coming.
... soon ....

... Hopefully ;-)

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