jeudi 6 mars 2008

Study of Open Education Projects

Let's have a look to some Open Education Projects and see what we can find :

Learning resources, or learning Materials
  • Rice Connexions : small modules, with clear indexation, CC license, modification/customisation uneasy. Large choice including my interests (science, computer science, education). Small bricks linkable in a course.
  • MIT OpenCourseware : full courses (classical US size), high quality, licence CC, but big size and modification uneasy.
  • LeMill. Fully multilanguage, good ! Editable, nice ! License : CC, OK ! Slow access ... Interesting subjects around open resources, support for learning. Some well documented, some to be extended : welcome in a real open collaborative world !

Some other resource repositories of interest :
  • Invocom : past european project for materials in telecommunications. Bricks, some in CC, modification uneasy (ask for french, we can propose the sourcesfrom examples hosted here).
  • Savoirs partagés. An initiative of my institute.

Resources to support teachers
  • OpenLearn, looks appealing. I'll have a closer look later. Includes materials and help for "educators". CC license, cool.
  • Wikiversity. Learning materials can be found in wikibooks and wikipedia (never forget that). May host materials (hte bricks) and project or course : (the glue). Activities may be hosted in wikiversity (If you have any doubt, have a look at Erkan's blog). Easy to modify/adapt/enhance ... License GFDL. Maybe not so user friendly than others. May be enhanced with third party tools, like in OER course.
Resource to assure quality of education and educational practices
  • subject of our course ! (not assure but help in fact)

ToDo : some other projects to list.
...So many different projects exist. Not sure all will survive, should them be supported by institutions (MIT OCW, savoirs partagés) or by a community (LeMill, Wikiversity). Giving credits (OpenLearning,) or not.

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Erkan Yilmaz a dit…

Salut Jean-Marie,

>Resources to support teachers
Don't know, if you have this info already ?
One Laptop Per Teacher: Content and Curriculum for (in-service) Teacher Training - This paper proposes structure and content for in-service training of teachers in the use of "One Laptop Per Teacher", an idea related to One Laptop Per Child (OLPC).

>Resource to assure quality of education and educational practices
see my comment on Luca's page here