mercredi 12 mars 2008

Translating OERCourse in french Wikiversity

I a former post, I regretted that a similar course to the OER course was not proposed in Wikiversity. The only reasonable answer in the context of this cours was : "Just create it". (Thank's to Erkan for pushing me).
So last week, I sent a post to the salle café (e.g. french translation for Village Pump) of the french wikiversity, and got 1 ! answer : Yes it is interesting ! Hence my participation's assignment is just begin french OER course.

You can already contribute on this page : Composer des ressources éducatives en ligne libres et ouvertes . Other contributors are more than welcome !

2 commentaires:

Isä a dit…

be bold! - Teemu

Barbara a dit…

i wish you good luck, my french is really bad so I won't be able to contribute.